Wednesday, May 19, 2010


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ALSO… as two native-French speakers, they would probably speak French together but… I know not everyone understands it and just so everyone can following along with the convo… let’s just pretend they’re speaking French, k? lol

It seemed more like a dream than anything to me, but I went with it. It was incredible how accurate my memory was - usually when you drank it became less then perfect - but here I was, blissed out in the arms of the guy I’d been thinking about for the whole summer.

I had always pictured him as I’d seen him that day. His skin slightly-pale, his face clean shaven and his eyes a gentle ocean blue… but he didn’t seem like that right now.
My subconscious was acting on it’s own according, making this fantasy as realistic as possible; I accredited his tan to that – I did after all know he was going to Miami.
But his chin was no longer lined with the smooth soft skin I had imagined; it was rough, like sandpaper, covering not only his jaw line but his cheeks and upper lip too.

And the eyes, so dark they seemed almost brown as he stared down at me. The one thing that really caught me off guard though, was the smell… oh god the smell! Like sex and danger and all the things that make a good girl want to do bad things. That was what he smelt like to me, and I couldn’t help but inhale it into my body, purring as I allowed it to over power every other sense I had. “You seem so real…” I whispered, the words think in my throat as I tilted my head backwards to stare up at him.

He chuckled, a deep, humorless chuckle before he bent low towards me, sliding his large, hot, calloused hand in between my hair and my neck. His hand forcefully squeezed the tender skin as he urged me forward until I was on my tip-toes and his lips were burning a line down my neck. I sighed contently, and I could feel him laugh lightly again, the vibrations ringing off his lips and sparking onto my skin.

He opened his mouth and the hot air of his breath blew out of the moist surface, where his lips had just been. I shivered in spit of myself, closing my eyes and tiling my head back to expose my neck further.
He grazed me with his teeth first, before he bit into my neck and a moan escaped my lips. He allowed his teeth to sink in for a minute until he dragged his teeth up towards my jaw, tracing the shape with his tongue as he worked his way up towards my ear. “I promise you that I am very, very real, mon petit amant.”
His voice was like velvet, soothing and seductive at the same time. “Would you like me to show you just how real I am?” He asked, his voice becoming more and more husky, until it emitted like a low growl.

In all the dreams I had had before, I was much more of a temptress, beautiful and desirable and in control… now I was nodding like a bobble head as he grinned at me.

He dragged me into the bathroom and flicked on the light, grabbing me under the arms and lifting me onto the counter. He spread my legs and stepped in between them, taking the hem of my long, lose skirt in his hands and tugging it upward.
This was also strange. Normally it never got this far; it ended with him telling me I was pretty and that he wanted to be with me, I wasn’t one to have sex dreams. Then again, I’d be crazy to stop this one.

His thick fingers found my panties and he hooked onto them, then yanked them down forcefully. I watched as he carefully unwound them from my ankles and threw them behind him.
I could feel the hot, wet excitement beginning to leak out of myself and I bit my lip, watching him as he began to undress.

He pulled his shirt up over his head and threw it aside. My eyes darted across his naked chest, unable to find one point to focus on. He was beautiful and perfect and… I had no words. His biceps looked strong and safe, even the part that was covered in a large intricate tattoo.
His chest was defined and taut, deliciously so, to the point where I slid my tongue over my bottom lip, imagining how incredible his hot skin would taste.

He undid his belt and moved towards me, dropping his pants with one hand, and pulled me off the counter with the other. He had my shirt up over my head and my bra discarded before I could even fathom the fact that my feet were now on the ground.
His slid my skirt down to the floor, leaving me completely naked, and then he spun me around until I could see myself in the mirror.

I watched the reflection, bent over with my hands on the counter as his eyes traveled over every part of my body, slowly; several times.
At some point he had removed his boxers and he stepped up behind me; close enough that I could feel his large, rock hard dick sliding across my back, leaving a small trail of pre-cum. “Juliette… I feel like I should apologies to you for this. Normally I’m not an impatient man. Normally I like to play, explore… I will, I promise. Not now though…”

“Why not?” I breathed out, my entire body was already flushing with the increased tempo of my heart; I was putty in his more-than-capable hands.

“Because mon petit amant… I’m about to fuck you the way I’ve been dreaming about fucking you all summer. I’m going to do everything to you that you’ve ever wanted a man to do… things you didn’t even know you wanted.” There was nothing I could do, nothing I could say or even comprehend other then incredible feel of his arms as they slid around my waist and his hands grabbed onto the faucets of the sink. “When we’re finished, you’ll never be able to think of anyone the way you’ll think about me… I can promise you that no one will ever be able to make you come like I can.”

With that, he turned on the cold water, to full. The blast was so powerful I could feel the uncomfortably cold drops of water pelting off the marble basin and spraying me in the stomach.
I inhaled voluntarily, and he dipped his hands under the water.

When his palms were full he brought them out of the skin, and cupped them against my breasts. I gasped, shooting backwards and grabbing onto his wrists, but his strong back held me in place, and I was too weak to move his hands.
He took them away a minute later and the cold water began to trickled down my abdomen, I squirmed uncomfortably, my eyes wide as I tilted my head back against his broad shoulder. “I wish I could take my time waking you up Juliette… but I need you fully functional right now.” I didn’t bother to acknowledge his words as another icy palm full of water was pressed between my legs, painfully cold against my clit.

I reached back, wrapping my arms around his neck, allowing my fingers to dig into him. “Oh god.” I moaned, looking back down in the mirror as he stared back at me from over my shoulder. “I’m awake.” I promised. “Oh god… I’m awake now.”

As if to make sure I wasn’t lying, he brought his left hand down and slap my ass, hard enough that I jumped. I tried to turn around face him but he just pushed me forward, back onto the counter. “If we go like this…” He explained, beginning to force his long, hard cock into my tight opening, “I can fill you more.” I groaned as his length and girth did just what he said, stretching me open for him, but I didn’t fight it, it felt too good to fight.
“And if you stay like this,” he continued, grabbing onto my chin with a hand and forcing me to look straight into the mirror. “… I can still watch your pretty face while I fuck you.”

I slammed my hand onto the mirror, keeping my head up as I readied myself for him to begin, which he did immediately.
His hands gripped my hips as he tilted my pelvic towards him; his dick slamming into me until I could feel his body hit against me.

His pace was impossible; to the point where I wasn’t sure how he was keeping it up. His legs tensed with each thrust and I found myself crying out every time he brought my body back to his.
Even if his size wasn’t enough to make me scream – which is was - , his incessant words of encouragement and approval were.

I came several times, with such force that I was positive I wouldn’t be able to stand up anymore; but he found a way to keep me on my feet. He moved a hand down below me, partly to hold me up, and partly to play with my clit.

I reached down too, taking his balls into my hand and gently squeezing them every time he pumped into me. “God Juliette…” He purred as they began to contract. “You’re amazing.”

He pulled out for a quick second and I dropped my hold. He spun me around and set me up on the counter; spreading my legs open again and getting back in between them.
He gently pushed me back and I felt my shoulders pressing against the cool surface of the mirror.

His dick spread me open again and he pushed himself into me, slower, gentler. My breasts bounced with each move he made and he watched them as I tilted my head back and closed my eyes. “Stay with me.” He said, his voice pleading. I pulled me head back down and looked at him.
His eyes fluttered shut for one second as he cringed, before he opened them quickly. His thrusting stopped and I could feel his dick twitching inside of me; filling me with hot, frothy cum.

He panted heavily, but his eyes never left mine as he reached for me, pulling me closer to him. He gave me a reassuring grin before he kissed me gently. “Well Juliette…” He said finally, pulling himself out of me and resting his forehead against mine. “My name is Max Talbot and I’m very, very glad to see you again.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Again it's short... hope you enjoy it a bit more =)

Max’s POV

No one said anything to me as we stood on the street corner, waiting for the next cab. It was like there was an invisible barrier up around me, stopping anything from coming in or out of the bubble I had currently wrapped myself in.
I was grateful, at least, for the silence. It would have thanked them, but it didn’t even cross my mind; I was too consumed with everything else to even bother and realize that they were trying to let me mourn in private.
Well, as private as they could give me on the crowded streets.

It was dark out and the people were beginning to file out of the bars after us, including the patrons who had just been inside the Alibi.
“Are you sure you’re ready to go back to the hotel?” Gronk asked softly from beside me, his voice sending ripples through my protective barrier as I raised my head to look at him. He was concerned, that much was obvious. His brow was crinkled with it as his eyes searched me intently.
I glanced away from him, not wanting him to see the pain that was etched there. “Yah, whatever… c’est la vie.” I sighed, not wanting to seem like I was actually bothered by anything that had just happened.
“Come on man… we didn’t just waste our three-day-off stretch to come here for ‘whatever’. She meant something to you… it’s not a bad thing.”

“It is a bad thing when she has a boyfriend… fuck. How did I not even… it never even occurred to me once that she might already have someone, you know? I just, I just go along and pretend that everything is the way I want it to be… and then it’s not. How am I supposed to deal with this?” I stopped talking as my voice became heavy, the tone threatening to echo around us, drawing attention to the conversation I didn’t want to be a part of.
Gronk shrugged; of course he would shrug… he already had the girl of his dreams. “Come on man… let’s just get back to the hotel.” He suggested, giving me a gentle punch in the arm as the cab pulled up to the curb. I nodded, pulling the door open and hopping in before anyone else could say something to me.
I did see Crosby and Tyler exchange worry glances, however, before they slid into the cab next to me. Ignoring it I glanced out the window and allowed the night to melt in around me as the lights of the city flew by.

When we reached the hotel I didn’t bother saying anything to anyone. I took the stairs up to the fourth floor, hoping that the elevator would have brought everyone up ahead of, giving me the luxury of being alone for a while.
It worked, and I was satisfied to find the hallway empty when I reached my floor.

I took the last corner and headed towards my door, silently cursing myself for being such an optimist and getting my own room. As if that even mattered now. No, she’d probably be on her way to visit her boyfriend.
Was it wrong that I wanted to punch him in the face?

He could have been the nicest guy ever; saving orphans from burning buildings, donating blood and working with at risk children… but it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter who he was or what type of person he was, because I was selfish, and he had the thing I wanted more than all others.

It was with those thoughts that I flopped down onto my bed and tried to sleep. It was no use though, and within the hour I was sitting at the end of my bed.
I felt like an idiot. What had I honestly expected?
Well for one thing, not this, not at all like this. I had expected her to be like every other girl I’d ever come into contact with. The type of girls that were usually won over by the persona before I met them, and if that didn’t work, it wasn’t anything the ol’ Talbot charm couldn’t cure.

Of course that was probably my first mistake. If she had of been like every other girl I’d met before, I wouldn’t have convinced all my friends to come with me to a different country just to see her. Just to introduce myself and take back all the regrets I had of not exchanging information with her before.
I had painted her inside this detached alternate universe and then expected her to be like everyone else.
Yah, I felt stupid.

I also felt like a man who needed a drink.

Once I had the idea I grabbed my room key, wallet, and threw on a pair of jeans. Of course I had alcohol in the room already, but I was alone – so I at least had to get mix and pretend that I wasn’t about to get drunk by myself.
I walked shirtless and barefoot down the hallway, remembering the signs that I had seen earlier that night, leading to the vending machine.

The room was tiny and empty, not to mention loud. The ice machine sounded like it was good for take-off, as I pushed a few loonies into the Pepsi dispenser.
The machine rumbled in front of me, before dropping a can down. I inserted a few more coins for good measure, then scooped up the cans and headed back to my room.

It was a stupid idea, because now my chest was cold, the frosty can, burning against my skin as I moved. I wanted nothing more than to get back to the room, wrap myself in a blanket and drink away my sorrows.

Of course, just as I was about to pass the elevators, they opened and people stumbled out. The person in the back was a dark haired girl, and she had the audacity to stare at my chest and abs as I ambled past them. Some people…

I reached my room and fished for my key, trying to open up the door before the group reached where I was. I wasn’t fast enough, only able to pull my key out as they went by.
The girl was still looking at me as I glance back, causing me to roll my eyes.
I heard the ding of the elevator again, followed by more drunken voices, and I sighed to myself as I pushed the door open.
With one last glance at the people who were now beginning their trek down the hall, I walked into my room.

It wasn’t until after I’d stowed my drinks on the counter that my head snapped back up, and I ran back to the door.
I threw it open and walked into the hallway, staring intently at Juliette as she walked by with… him. “Hey!” I yelled, causing them to both turn around.
He saw me first, nodding at me as she balanced herself against the wall.

“Hey…” He said back, before continuing down the hall.

“Hey!” I yelled again. This time he stopped walking and turned around, opening his mouth to say something, which he never got the chance to say.
Before he could form a word, my fist connected with the side of his head, throwing him back a step.

“What the fuck was that for?!” He screamed, his voice muffled by his hand as he grabbed onto his face. His eyes were burning with anger as he glared up at me.

“For…” I began to say, pointing at him and then at Juliette, who just stared back at me. “… fuck…” I groaned, realizing that that was probably a bad idea. Seeing as how I had no actual reason to hit him. “Umm…”

“I know you.” I she said quietly, taking two steps towards me before she stumbled forward. I caught her in my arms and she pressed her hands on my chest. “I was lookin’ for you…”

“Juliette! Pouvons-nous allez?” He pleaded, still clutching his face. I pulled my eyes away from her, to glance at the guy I’d just assaulted.
It was clear from his stance and his size that he wasn’t a fighter. It was also clear, in the way that he watched her body wind around mine that they weren’t together. He watched her with an eye of concern and fear, not jealousy.

“Je suis desole…” I said trying to apologize. “Je pensais que-“ I began, trying to figure out how I was going to talk my way out of this one.

Before I really had time to think though, Juliette grabbed my face and pulled my attention back down to her. “Are you really here?”
I nodded, allowing myself to finally take-in what was happening. “Je vais bien, Marc… go find Monique.” She sighed, her warm breath blowing across the skin of my chest, leaving a trail of goosebumps where it went.

At some point he did what she said, because when I looked back up a few minutes later, we were alone in the hallway.
I tried to think of something to say, but nothing came to me. Instead, I continued to hold her against me tightly as I began walking backwards, until I could push my hotel-room door open with my back.

Monday, May 10, 2010


A bit piecey, a bit messy, a bit of this and that… but hey… it’s a update. One that was a long time coming apparently lol.

Max’s POV

The guys were surprised to say the least, but their strange glanced and concerned stares didn’t bother me in the least. Nothing could touch me tonight, I was the unstoppable.
I knew that this didn’t mean anything, there were still a million ways that things could go wrong or screw up. But I had a schedule folded neatly in my pocket, and right now, that was good enough for me.

I continued my solo-celebratory-dance around the bar, brining my hand down to my pocket every few feet to make sure that I could still feel the folded square of paper below the denim.
A few times I tricked myself into believing that I had lost it, but I was confident enough that even if I did, it wouldn’t matter. Her touring schedule was burned into my memory.

She would be in Ottawa this Thursday… this Thursday and I was going to meet her there. The thought was lifting enough to carry me up towards the VIP section; where I plunked myself down in-between Jordan and Tanger. “What a great fucking night, eh boys? Damn… it’s gonna be a good week. A great fuckin’ week.” I smiled, glancing back and forth between them.

“I think I liked him more when he was moppy…” Tanger sighed, shaking his head and sliding away from me on the couch.

Jordan nodded and squeezed Jodie’s knee. “I agree, what the fuck did you do to him anyway?”

Jodie glanced past her boyfriend, raising a delicate eyebrow in my direction. “You mean they don’t know that Max Talbot is saving himself for a certain young lady in Canada?”

“Saving? What is he saving for her? The luck lady that takes his total into four-digits?” Jordan laughed, earning a loud round of appreciation from the guys around us.

I exhaled loudly, refusing to let their attitudes bring me down, Maxime Talbot was on top of the world tonight… and it was going to take a lot more than that to ruin my high.

I smiled in spit of their taunts, leaning back on the couch and relaxing as the beat of the bass washed over me. I had two more days before I got back to Canada. What I was going to do, I really wasn’t sure… but I knew one thing; I wasn’t leaving without some kind of answer.

Juliette’s POV

Monique was gazing at me like I had three heads, but I didn’t care. In another week I would be back in Montreal and then I could head to the arena to watch the Habs play hockey, and hopefully find my mystery man again.

I couldn’t get his smile, his swagger, his face, or his contagious laugh out of my head; but I didn’t really want to anyway.
I wondered what he’d be like when we finally saw each other, if he’d even remember me… or if he’d think I was stalking him.

I was, after all, kind of stalking him…

“I can’t believe you would throw away a chance at a good relationship over some guy you met once in an airport.” She complained, again.

“Monique, please. Haven’t we talked about this enough? I just want to sleep… we have a big show tomorrow in Ottawa, our biggest yet… I just want to be ready for it.” I sighed, trying to avoid the conversation for what felt like the millionth time that day.

“Quoi que. C’est votre vie! Do with it as you will… I just hate to see you in here by yourself when you could be out having a good time…
What will you do if he doesn’t care about you?” She added, suddenly stopping by the door on her way out. “What if he sees you and thinks ’so what… who is she to me?’”

I shrugged as I rolled over on the hotel bed, trying to ignore how upset that concept made me. I heard her sigh as the door clicked open, before it clicked again; closing. “It’s not like that.” I said allowed, to no one other than myself. I knew it was foolish to carry on this way but, I had felt something… really felt something. Didn’t that mean he had to feel something too?

I tried not to think about it as I feel asleep, but all I could hear was his song in my head, and the image of his smile lulling me, as I drifted off.

The Alibi was even fuller than I expected; the civilians of Ottawa having shown up in droves to attend the performance of our band, and two other local groups. I took a deep breath as I walked onto the stage, readying myself for the biggest show of our tour.

“Hello everyone! My name is Juliette Laroque… and we’re going to play some songs for you… I hope you enjoy them!”

Max’s POV

I could hardly contain myself as she strutted onto the stage, her casual nature and care-free confidence only increasing the attraction that I had initially felt for her.

She moved with such grace and sureness that I found myself forgetting to blink as she made long, flowing movements across the stage; interrupted only when she picked up a guitar to play a few, deep, moving notes.

I could feel Sidney’s hand reaching out to grab my arm anytime she stopped singing; his way of trying to subtly keep me in my seat. But that didn’t stop me from whistling and cheering every time they switched for a new set.
She was more than I remembered; worth every sleepless night and every minute spent coming here.
“Max please!” Tyler finally complained as I pulled myself out of Crosby’s grasp and jumped up, clapping my hands frantically.

“Jesus… did you guys see that? Hear that? She’s amazing!” I found myself calling loudly, before pushing a few fingers into my mouth and letting out a loud, piercing whistle.

She bowed, gave a polite nod, then disappeared behind the stage. “We gotta… go back, come on guys!” I yelled, taking off and leaving them behind me.

“Max, wait!” Someone called, but I was to far to figure out who it was, the distance between us expanding rapidly as I was swallowed up by the crowd.

“Hey! Hey you!” I yelled, rushing forward to grab onto the arm of the guy that had just been playing guitar with Juliette. “You’re in the band with Juliette?” I asked, yelling into his ear so he could hear me over the music. Even with the added volume her name still felt like velvet as it ran across my lips.

He nodded, bringing his face closer to me. “Ya, you friends with her or something?”

I shrugged, not really sure what to say without sounding like I was crazy. “No like… I met her… I play hockey and-”

“Oh! Say no more… Max, right?” He smiled knowingly as he patted me on the shoulder. “She was asking about you none stop!” He chuckled, glancing behind him to see where Juliette was.

“How do you know my name?” I asked, a little taken aback. Normally people knew who I was but in this context, something felt off.

“Maxime Fabert? She was asking about you a while ago… I honestly think she’s in love with you-”

I cut him off before he could finish. “That’s not me… My name’s max but… I’m not Max Fabert…”

His face became apologetic immediately. “Sorry man, that’s the breaks I guess… she’s just really into that Fabert guy right now. But I mean, I can take you back if you want to say hi anyway…?” He added, giving me a sad smile.

I shook my head and tried to wave his pity away. “Don’t worry about it… it’s not like I came all the way here to see her or anything, you know? She’s just ah… someone I was gonna say hi too but… whatever….”
He gave me one last smile before turning around and heading away from me, leaving me alone; feeling like the worlds biggest idiot.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Juliette’s POV

“Come on, Juliette! One date won’t kill you!” Monique whined from behind me as I applied some last minute lip gloss.

“No, absolutely not! I don’t like him Monique… I don’t think I can make that any more clear to you.” I sighed and shook my head. Capping my lip gloss and throwing back down on the dresser. I took on last look at myself in the mirror before I walked past Monique and off the tour bus.
Monique fell in line behind me as we made our way through the backdoors of the bar. She let out a final huff before jumping up on the make-shift stage and taking a seat behind the drums.

The set went well; but as it had been since the airport - my heart just wasn’t in it. This had been our biggest show so far too; Ontario was great like that. With so many people into the underground music, we had had no problem filling venues. The only problem I was having with Ontario so far, was the fact that Monique had met a guy she liked.
Normally not a problem, she wouldn’t go out with him until I agreed to go out with his cousin.
His name was Brandon, and he was nice enough. On a normal day, I probably would have accepted the invitation; it’s not like I had a whole lot of other choices when it came to a love life - but I couldn’t get Maxime out of my head.
That thought bothered me more than anything. I fully believed that if I had the time; I would probably start stalking him.

By the end of the set I was more than ready to call it a night; but Monique had other plans. “Hey! Look who I brought with me…” She said slyly, pulling my attention away from my guitar. I looked up to see her coming onto the bus, Brandon and Andrew - her boy toy - in tow.
I plastered a fake smile on my face as I set my guitar down on it’s stand.

“He guys… what are you doing here?” I said, trying to remain civil as my eyes fell on Monique.

“We’re going out… the guys just wanted to come get out so… go get ready!” I let out a sigh at her words, not bothering to argue anymore. I walked back and grabbed a change of clothing before heading into the bathroom.

I followed Monique and Andrew through the streets on Toronto as Brandon kept pace beside me. He was driving me crazy. He wasn’t even doing anything, but the fact that he was there was enough to set me off.
It felt like I was loosing my mind; I wanted a guy I had known for a few hours… wanted him so bad that I didn’t want any other guy around me. Brandon didn’t pick up on that though; it took all my willpower not to say anything as he moved closer and closer to my side.
I wasn’t normally such a bitch but, it had just been a bad night. A bad month.

We made our way into a bar and I diligently sat in-between Monique and the wall. I shot her a glare as she started to protest; there was no way I was going to cozy up beside him in a dark, smoky bar.

The guys and Monique fell into quiet conversation while I daydreamed. There was something pushing me, propelling me to finish the song, his song. I began to hum it to myself.

‘I like to pretend you’re watching me,
Could it be a possibility?
I wonder what you’re thinking…
Mmm mmm mmm.
Do you wonder if I gave a car?
Do you wonder if I play guitar?
Oh I do, but only one of the two.

You are beautiful, you are beautiful…
You got your noise in a book and all I need is a look to know…
You, you, you…
You, you, you…

From behind your coffee cup,
To the wooden seat that holds you up
You float, over to me.
Without leaving your set, or making a scene.

I wonder if you live too far,
House, apartment, shoping cart,
I hope you’re warm when the night comes…
Mmm mmm mmm

You are beautiful, you are beautiful…
You got your noise in a book and all I need is a look to know…
You, you, you…
You, you, you…

You leave me,
You leave me,

You what? What now… why can’t I finish this song? I sighed to myself as I drew my attention back to the people around me.

Brandon is staring at me from across the table and Monique and Andrew are getting too close for my comfort. I let out a huff and decide that enough is enough… she puts me in a crappy situation like this; she’s damn well going to help me find Maxime!

Maxime's POV

“Something! You’ve got to have something for me Andrew… come on!” I sighed as I paced around the office.

“I’m sorry Mr. Talbot, but searching for women is not in my job description.” He took a deep breath and I knew he was about to give me another lecture on my ’immoral’ lifestyle.

I exhaled loudly before I turned on my heel and jogged out of the room. “Thanks Andrew!” I called over my shoulder as I continued on down the hallway. Shit! What now… “Jodie!” I yelled as I saw Staalsy’s girlfriend coming around the corner. “Just the PR girl I was looking for…”

“Ugh, what now Max? Please don’t tell me you go into trouble again…”

I laughed and shook my head. “Here.” I showed her the picture of Juliette. “I need you to find this girl for me. Her name’s Juliette and she’s in a band… touring across Canada.”

“Max… I’m not helping you stalk some poor girl. Aren’t there enough girls in Pittsburgh for you to de-flower without making me hunt them for you?” She replied coolly, hands on her hips.

“Oh, aren’t you so funny. Seriously Jodie, please?” The sincerity in my voice caused her stance to relax as she reached out her hand for the photo.

“Fine, fine! But if I go to jail for this… I’m taking you with me.” She shook her head and continued pass me.

I turned around and watched her saunter down the hallway. “Jodie baby, you can take me anywhere you want.” I chuckled as I continued on my way, hearing her let out a huff behind me.

“Any word man?” Jordan asked as I met up with the guys at our usual diner.

“Not about Juliette no, but your girlfriend keeps hitting on me… just so you know.” He let out a sigh and hung his head as I took a seat, grinning.

We started planning out our week; we were going away for 8 days, playing 5 games over the course. We chatted about who we were playing, how we needed to play, how we would play - but I couldn’t get into it.
I kept thinking about a red-headed girl from Quebec.

“Max, Max!” I felt someone grab my shoulder and shake me.

“What?” I snapped, turning around to see Tanger standing behind me.

“We’re going man…” he said looking around the table amused, I followed his stare to see that I was the only one left. I sighed and stood up, throwing a few bills on the table before following him out into the parking lot.

“Jesus, Talbo. If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were in love…” TK laughed as I watched him climb into Sidney’s Ranger Rover, outside.

“Yah, yah… you’re just jealous cause I get all the ladies!” I shot back; more forcefully than I intended. I sighed and turned around, following Tanger to his car.

We drove towards Sidney’s house in silence; I could tell Tanger wanted to say something but, luckily for me he was keeping it to himself.
I was different, I was acting weird - at times acting like an asshole; but I already knew that, I didn’t need someone else to confirm it. It wasn’t like I chose to be like this!
Hell, I’m Max Talbot, not some loser that gets worked up over a girl that he knows nothing about… oh who am I kidding? This IS me worked up…

“Max… man, what’s wrong with you?”

“Huh?” I grunted as I turned to see Tanger standing outside his car door. “Oh…” I exhaled loudly and climbed out; realising that we were at Sidney’s. I dragged my feet up the walk; flopping down quickly on the couch one I was inside.

“Alright that’s it!” Jordan yelled standing up and walking in front of me. “What is going on?!” I shrugged my shoulders, then motioned for him to move - so I could see the TV.

“Seriously dude, you’re acting like a dick… what’s up?” Sidney agreed, coming to stand beside Jordan.

“What the hell is this?” I snapped, glaring between them, “an intervention?”

“Something like that.” They agreed, smiling at each other.

I looked around as the guys closed in on me; great… how am I gonna get out of this? The last thing I need to do is talk about my feelings…

Jordan’s phone went off, causing him to jump. “Hello? Umm… ok…” He looked confused as he threw his phone to me.

“Hello?” I asked slowly, wondering what the hell was going on.

“Hi Max, it’s Jodie! I found her!”


“I found her! I have her tour schedule printed off… I’m meeting Jordan at Diesel in a bit, I’ll give it to you there.”

“Seriously!? Oh man, I love you Jodie! Alright… I’ll see you there.” I hung up the phone, the biggest grin on my face. I glanced around the room at the guys. “Well… what the hell are you standing around for? Let’s go party!” I shouted as I jumped up and dashed towards the door; destination, Diesel.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


“I wonder as I wonder
Where exactly you are from me
Across the water.
Could ya, would ya, find me?
A lovin, by my lonesome?

I’ll be your Bonnie floatin over the ocean,
You’ll be my sailor, upon the sea.
I’ll be your Bonnie floatin over the ocean baby,
And maybe baby, I’ll see.

I will see how far this old
Rig can take me,
Life boat will take me, away
I will see how far this old
Rig can take me,
Life will take me, out to sea
Out to see you…”

I had asked the boys about him, Maxime Fabert. They informed me that he was a hockey player from Quebec, who still played in Montreal.
He had looked too old to play for fun, so I assumed it was professional, and even though I didn’t know any players; I have lived in Quebec my whole life - so I know who the Habs were. This was my conclusion; Maxime was still in Quebec. Once he got back from Miami; I was determined to go see a game, regardless of the out come.

I knew I was being foolish; if he was a pro hockey player, he probably hadn’t given me a second thought, but… I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I had to see him again.
I had confided this to Monique, my drummer, and only female friend. She was a true-red, proud French Canadian and was all for helping me meeting the boy; but she was also traitor when it came to hockey - opting to cheer for Pittsburgh, instead of the Habs.
Which is why she was so excited when a management problem ended up giving us a week off; and double booking us for the next - and David suggested a trip south, to the ‘Burgh‘.

It had been almost a month now since I had seen Maxime at the airport; and my band thought I needed to go out, take my mind off of trying to get a record deal and have a good time.
I had been stressing myself out to the extreme; our tour was half over and although we had made good progress, we didn’t feel any closer to reaching our dreams.

David’s down south trip involved flying to Pittsburgh to visit his brother and sister-in-law; giving Monique a chance to visit the ‘Igloo’ and all of us a chance to relax.
We left that night.

The trip was fun; fun and uneventful. Monique dragged Jean-Pierre and I to Mellon Arena, while David visited with his brother.
We milled around and took pictures; even stopping in to watch the Pittsburgh team practice in their plain black and white jerseys.
Looking out over the ice, I couldn’t help but smile. In the middle of the rink was a picture of a giant penguin. I thought of Maxime; back to the day I saw him, and the hat he was wearing. Apparently Moni wasn’t the only Habs traitor.

“So where to tonight? Last night in Pittsburgh guys!” David called across the hotel room as Moni and I got dressed in the bathroom.

“Diesel, Diesel, Diesel!!” She squealed as she started jumping like an idiot. She had been talking about that club since we got here - the known ’Penguin’ hang out.

I sighed and shook my head, “I’m not letting you leave without us… I don’t care if he’s a hockey player or not!” I informed her with authority.

It was her turn to sigh as she glared at me in the bathroom’s mirror. “Well, I’ll remember that when you find Mr. Maxime back in Montreal!” I blushed at the thought, causing her to laugh loudly.

We got to the club early, very early; so we got in without a wait.
Moni and I started in on the Tequila shots before the crowd started arriving, while David and Jean-Pierre chatted up the DJ.

By the time midnight rolled around I was busting my best MJ moves on the dance floor while David acted as the designated ‘holder-upper-of-drunk-girl’; his hands tightly wrapped around my arm.
I finally felt the need to pee over-come every other sense that I had; causing me to stumble by myself towards the ladies room. I was trying to walk as soberly as “Woah, babe, you ok?” someone said as they grabbed me by the waist and steadying me.

“Yah, I mean… I think so…” I laughed, as I leaned into him, allowing him to hold me up. “it’s been a while since I drank this much, you know?” I asked as I looked around him, still seeking the bathroom.

“Of course, what’s your name? You sound French.”

“I am! I’m from Quebec… my name’s Juliette.” I said, turning to hold out my hand. He laughed and shook it with the hand that wasn’t still holding me up.

“Jordan.” He said, smiling at me. “Jordan Staal.” I nodded like a bobble head, bathroom, bathroom, bathroom… I chanted in my head, trying to find a way to get around him.
Sure he’s nice but, sometimes a girl’s gotta go…

I felt someone bump into me and turned to see Moni, staring at the boy beside me. I used her presence as a way to escape, propelling myself through the bathroom door before I fell over.

When I came back out, Moni was posing for Jordan; who was holding a camera. “Oh! Julie, come here and take a picture with me!” I laughed and fell into Moni’s arms, grinning as Jordan captured the image. “He’s having a competition to see who get the most pictures of hot girls.” She informed me as we leaned against each other for support. He grinned and nodded at her statement.

“So you winning?” I asked, realizing for the first time just how drunk I sounded.

“I will with these!” He smirked, eyeing Moni up. I recognized that look.

“Well, we gotta go!” I shrilled waving goodbye as I pulled Moni behind me; searching through the crowd for David and Jean-Pierre.

We found them a few minutes later and headed outside for a cab. “Juliette!” I heard someone scream as I pilled in after Moni.

“What?” I asked as I laid my head back against the street.

“What, what?” She countered, looking at me.

“Didn’t you just yell my name?”

She started to giggle. “No! Wow, you’re drunker than I am!” She concluded happily. I shook my head and laughed as the cab took off for the hotel.

Max’s POV

I hadn’t been out since we’d gotten back to Pittsburgh; and the boys were not taking ‘no’ as an answer tonight.
I finally gave in, allowing Staalsy to drag me to the Diesel; wondering if there was anyway I could get out of this… Ugh! Listen to yourself Maxime… what’s happened to you? This wasn’t me, not at all. I was the party boy.
I was the guy that was up for anything, surrounded by beautiful women and always having a good time.
Now I was a party-pooper; I was worse than Crosby. I hardly went out and when I did I was always the first to leave for home. It was because of her, I knew without a doubt. The girl from the airport; the girl who’s name I didn’t even know.

I sighed as we pulled in to the crowded parking lot. I followed the boys through the doors and up to VIP; telling myself that I would leave as soon as it was acceptable.
I sat beside Crosby and watched as Jordan and Geno made fools of themselves. “No! Women love Russia men… what is Canada?” He smirked as Jordan sighed theatrically.

“No way man! Canadian guys are the best… women love us way more!”

Geno laughed and pulled his phone out of his pocket, “I take picture of hot girls… more than you…” He bragged, standing up.

“Ha! You’re on Geno… I can get ten times the girl to pose for pics than you can.”

I watched as they shook hands and dashed out towards the masses. “This should be interesting.” Crosby sighed as he watched Geno approach two blonds. I nodded and looked away… just a little longer… I bribed myself.

“Alright Geno, how many did you get?” Jordan asked as he started flipping through his picture. Geno started looking through his phone; counting.

“38!” Geno chuckled after he was done.

“HA! 49... Loser… and check these two out! Not only are they both red-heads they’re both French-Canada… hello!” He laughed, tossing his camera to Geno, who examined it before nodding appreciatively.

Geno tossed the camera to Sidney and I, motioning for us to look. I glanced down without interest and then looked away, grabbing for my beer.

“HOLY SHIT!” I yelled, spitting the beer out. I grabbed the camera back and held it an inch away from my face. “It’s her… Sid… it’s her… oh my god it’s her!” I jumped off the couch and ran towards Vero and Flower. “It’s her… look, look!” I jumped over the back of the couch, almost crushing Vero. I shoved the phone into her face and she squinted, trying to see the picture.

“Oh! The girl from the airport…” She said, finally recognizing her. I nodded and looked back down at the picture.

“Wait, which one? Monique or Juliette?” Jordan asked, leaning over the couch. I pointed to the one on the right. “Juliette.” He nodded, “so… that’s the one you met in Canada at the airport?”

I nodded. “Juliette…” I said softly to myself. She was here, somewhere in this bar… right now. I jumped up again and ran to the VIP railing. “She’s here guys… we need to find her. Help me find her!” I yelled over my shoulder before rushing down into the crowd.

The guys helped me go through everyone, but she wasn’t here. As a last stitch attempt I ran out of the bar and onto the sidewalk. I looked around before I saw her, Juliette. I started running towards her as she followed her friend into a cab. “Juliette!” I yelled before the door closed.

The cab took off a second before I reached it, leaving me standing on the sidewalk. I let out a groan. She got away again… I shook my head as I watched the cab disappear.
I turned around and headed back into Diesel, disappointed but hopefully. Sure she had gotten away this time but, I had her picture and name now. I'll find her again... I vowed as I headed back up to the guys.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


“It’s been a lonely night. For me.
From breakin hearts, to climbin trees.
I was scared, with you.
I broke your heart, and then you tied my shoe.

You were the nicest boy,
You had the kindest soul,
And I took you for granted
Then I let you go…
Mothers, don’t let your daughters, grow up to be like me.
Stringin her heart out, and bumpin into everything.
Finding love at the corner lights,
Under rocks and ever-greens;
Cause I know love wants nothing to do with me…”

The bar was dark and dank, but I liked it this way. I was perched on a small, make-shift stage, surrounded by my band; playing our hearts out to an intimate crowd of faceless strangers.
I was here, in my element; unafraid and fully-alive… but I couldn’t keep my mind on the songs.

After the set was over and the autographs and CD selling was done; we made our way back to the bus. Maxime… what was his last name again? I rolled over in my small bunk, replaying my day at the airport over in my head, for the 100th time. Tebor? No… Telford… that was it. Maxime Telford. Who played for Penguins… This was horrible, I didn’t even know what sport he played. I pulled out my iphone and punched in Maxime Telford, which google changed to Maxime Fabert.
I found a sports entry, on the fifth line down. Of course the damn page wouldn’t load so I gave up, making a mental note to remember the name and ask one of the guys about it later.

I hadn’t bothered to tell anyone in my band about our encounter at the airport terminal. I knew what they would do; get focused Juliette, you need to be thinking about music and nothing else… The worst part was, I wouldn’t even be able to refute them because they were right.
Here I was, on the tour of a lifetime; finally able to live my dream, and I was lying awake in bed thinking about a boy I had known for a few hours.

He was just so… so… charming! There was no other way to describe it. His laugh, his smile… everything about him was infectious, in a wonderful way. I let out a large yawn and decided that tonight had been long enough
I rolled over into the darkness and hummed his song; where are you Maxime, I thought, as I feel asleep to dreams of beautiful, deep blue eyes.

Max’s POV

“Yo Talbo! What’s been up with you lately?” Staalsy approached from behind, tapping me on the shoulder with a cold beer before taking the seat next to me. I shrugged my shoulders and took a sip. “Come on man, you can talk to me about it… the guys are worried… you just haven’t been yourself.”

I contemplated his words for a minute, taking another few sips before I spoke. “Do you ever wonder… what kind of girl you’d be with if you weren’t a pro-hockey player?”

“Umm… yah I guess.” He answered after a pause, obviously uncomfortable with the turn this conversation had taken. “But, where is this coming from?”

“I just, met a girl who didn’t know who I was...” I shrugged, unable to finish the thought.

“Oh, and she wasn’t falling for the Talbo charm?” He quipped, unable to hide the smug smile forming on his lips.

“No… she seemed… interested I guess…” I sighed and pushed myself off the beach chair I had been lounging on. “I don’t know Staalsy, don’t worry about me k?” I walked away without waiting for a response, too confused with everything to try and explain it to someone else.

I was intent on heading up to my room; the day was coming to an end and my team-mate were coupling off with their respective partners, leaving me and a few other bachelors alone.
I caught sight of Flower and Vero curled up in a pool chair together, and shrugged my shoulders before heading over. At least Vero had seen her and might be able to help me out.
“Hey Vero, you got a minute?” I asked, receiving a small smile from her and a look of disdain for Flower.

“Sure Maxime, what’s up?”

“Ah…” I looked at Flower, trying to think of a nice way to get him to leave. He appeased me.

“Um… this looks like it could be awkward so… I’ll be back later.” He sighed as he lifted Vero off his lap and placed her gently back down onto the chair. We both watched as he made his way around the pool, towards Sidney and some of the other boys.

“So Maxime, what’s wrong?” Vero asked, pulling my attention back to her.

“Well… I’m not sure how to make this sound crazy but; I can’t stop thinking about the girl from the airport.”

She laughed quietly and shook her head. “The first girl that doesn’t throw herself at your feet and she’s got you going crazy…?”

“No. Nothing like that. I mean, I don’t expect everyone to like me… it’s just, I think she did like me… without knowing who I am.”

“Max, they’ll be lots of girls that like you and don’t care about your job. You’ve just been looking in some horrible places if that’s what you want.” I nodded slowly at her words, she was right. Who knows, if I had of spent more times trying to meet nice girls instead of finding them in dark clubs; I might have found the right girl by now.

We sat in silence as I contemplated my future, being surrounded by happy couples made it hard to not feel alone. “Hey Vero…” I called as I got up to leave.

“Yah Max?”

“Where was the other plan going? Gate 9... the one that that girl was on…”

“West Canada I think, BC or something.” I nodded my head again and headed up to my room.

I lied on my bed in the dark, flipping through the internet on my iphone; there has to be something here about her tour… why can’t I remember her name?
I continued to flip through the pages google offered up, wondering if I’d ever see her again.
Ugh, come on buddy, grow a pair. I doubt she even gave you a second thought… after all… the only girls that want you are the ones who want your name and your money. She had no idea about either, so why would she want you?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


***Because this story is about a female singer, I really wanted to include some lyrics. A girl I go to University with is an incredible singer/songwriter and I wanted to use some songs that people have never heard before (to make it a bit more realistic). Her web address is:
I just want everyone to know that these are NOT my songs (I wish I was that talented lol)… and make sure that credit is going where it’s deserved, i.e. to Meaghan.***

Anyone who has ever gone to school, knows the wondrous sense of freedom that comes after writing that final exam. Today, that feeling of adventure and excitement was at an all time high; I had finished my university summer semester and, I was on my way to the airport to hop a flight to BC and catch up with my band.
I was self-titled; Juliette Laroque, but I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by wonderful, talented musicians who shared my tastes and goals.

My little sister, Olivie, dropped me off at the airport. I pulled my luggage and my guitar out of the backseat and turned to say goodbye; but she was already pulling away. I didn’t take it personally, when you’re 16 you have much more important things on your mind, and besides, I would only be gone for 6 weeks.
My band hand driven out to Victoria, BC last week; I had stayed behind to finish a few specialty music course at university. It was Wednesday and the tour started on Friday. We planned to spend two weeks playing in small pars and pubs all around BC before heading east. Our last show was in Halifax, Nova Scotia; afterwards we would make the trek back to Saint-Calixte, Quebec - my home town.

I checked into the airport no problem, leaving all but my guitar and purse behind at the luggage terminal. I made my way over towards the hall marked ’Gates 9-10’ and found a comfy blue chair beside the window.
It had been a long day and I was tired, but I knew sleeping was out of the question, I couldn’t even get my feet to stop moving; as they tapped out the beat of the airport on the floor.
Some girls walked by me, dressing in skimpy summer dresses; flashing me small smiles as they headed over towards some vacant chairs. I looked down at my own outfit, feeling sorely out of place; my outfit was nothing out of the ordinary for me, but I seemed an unflattering contrast to the wonderful summer girls around me. I tugged at a loose string on my vest and glanced around the waiting-room; ‘Gate 10: Miami, FLA’, Oh well no wonder I’m so out of place… I thought to myself, I hope Victoria is nice this time of year.

After trying to keep my feet still for almost an hour, I could no longer manage to act normal. Whoever invented waiting-rooms should be shot! I sighed to myself. I finally gave in to my urges and pulled my guitar out of it’s case and began to strum silently.

“There‘s a picture, in my room. It‘s torn to pieces, it‘s of me and you… I found a new way of breaking your heart. I‘ve found a better way of falling apart…” I strummed a few more chords aimlessly and glanced around, making sure no one was watching me.
Although I had had a few boyfriends in the past, there had never been anyone special; they sure all made for good songs though. I laughed to myself and kept strumming softly.
The people in the room were coming and going without noticing me; which was nice; I’d have enough eyes on me in the next couple months - and if things when good, for a long time to come.
I really wanted to write a new song. Monique, Jean-Pierre, David (my drummer, bassist and guitar player, respectively) and I had thrown a few songs together for the upcoming tour; but I really wanted a great song. One of the ones that just hits you. The kind that touches people, makes them feel.

Three boys and a girl walked into the room, I couldn’t help but notice them; the girl looked like a super-model and was wearing an incredible pair of cheetah print stilettos. So jealous… I sighed to myself, as she walked past, giving me a warm smile. She sat down with her posse across the isle from me. I continued to strum as she pulled out a magazine. The boys that were with her were loud and she gave me an apologetic shrug, I smiled back. Judging by the clothing she had on and the designer bag crumpled by her feet, she was filthy rich, but she had a kind face and appeared down to earth in her feeble attempts to get her friends under control.
The skinniest boy threw his arm carelessly around her shoulder and I shook my head, staring down at my fingers that were now forming a G-chord. He was nothing to look at by any mean, but hey, whatever makes you happy. I looked back up at the other two. They both had semi-long brown hair, slicked back under baseball caps. The youngest looking one had a picture of a penguin on his, the other boy had a giant ‘P’. Not knowing much about sports I assumed it must be a local team I hadn’t heard of; but who would name their team after a bird that can’t even fly?

Pulling my eyes away from their caps, I glanced at the older-looking one; he was watching me. I looked away quickly, embarrassed of being caught snooping.

“You any good at that?” He asked, forcing me to look up and meet his eyes.

“Maxime!” The girl sighed, reaching over to the right, to slap his hand. “You’re so rude sometimes…” She looked back over to her left, at the skinny boy beside her. He gave her a ‘what-do-you-want-me-to-do-about-it’ shrug and went back to flipping through his magazine. She shook her head and looked back at me. “Please don’t take anything they say personally. They might look like adults, but they‘re actually giant 5 year-olds.” She laughed lightly. At first I thought she might have been truly annoyed, but her eyes burned with affection whenever she glanced at the boys around her.

I went back to my attempts at song-writing, as the group fell into quiet conversation; I learned through eavesdropping their names. The pretty girl was called Vero, the one I assumed to be her boyfriend, they continued to call ’Flower’. The young boy was called Tanger and the beautiful one was, of course, Maxime. They, of course, were heading to Miami; for the ’team trip’, whatever that meant.
After another half hour of waiting for a plane, an announcement signalled that we would be waiting another hour more, at least. Vero, Tanger and Flower left to find some food, leaving Maxime by himself.

“So?” He asked, after checking to make sure that his friends were gone.

“So what?” I stopped playing to reply, confused by his question.

“Are you any good?” He pointed at my guitar.

“Well… I’ve been playing for a while… you tell me.” He smiled at that, thinking about it.

Finally he nodded, “I guess you’re all right yah. Are you in a band?”

“Yes. Well, I sing and play, and three friends from back home accompany me.” I answered.

“What are you called?”

“We aren’t called anything. I’m Juliette Laroque… we just use my name.”

“Oh.” He sat back in his seat and looked away. I returned to my guitar, beginning to get frustrated at my lack of creativity, and my inability to stop stealing glances at the beautiful boy in front of me. Finally after a few minutes he spoke again. “What kind of music do you play?”

“Folk or country I guess… nothing too fast or heavy.” He nodded, grabbing his friends magazine off the seat.

“You should write a song about me!” He thought suddenly, almost jumping out of his seat.

“Oh yah? Why’s that?” I smiled to myself, I could already feel the ideas turning in my head.

“Umm… I’m Max Talbot…” He answered. I laughed out loud at him, causing him to shoot me a questioning glance. He seemed taken-back by my response. “You not a Penguins fan?”

“So your team is called the Penguins? I thought so…” He gave me a questioning glance so I continued, “Your friend had it on his hat but, I didn’t think a team would name themselves after something like a penguin.” I laughed again.

“Oh, so that’s what you were looking at…”

“Yes. What did you think I was looking at?”

“Me.” He answered simply. I didn’t know whether to laugh or not; he seemed so serious. “Guess you won’t write a song about me now…”

“Why not?”

“Cause, now I’m just some guy in an airport… who may or may not be staring at you.” We both laughed, watching each other for a minute. He eventually went back to reading his magazine.

“I like to pretend you’re watchin me, could it be a possibility… I wonder what you’re thinking…” I sang, just loudly enough that he could hear me. He smiled, but didn’t put his book down. “Do you wonder if I have a car, do you wonder if I play guitar? Well I do, but only one of the two.” He couldn’t help but laugh at that, finally looking up at me.

Am I flirting with someone? Maybe… but I actually kind of like where this song is going… I decided we needed a chorus and I switched chords; “You’re beautiful, you are beautiful! You got your noise in a book and all I need is a look to know… to know… you, you, you.”

Sitting in my economy-class-seat I felt regret, something I wasn’t use to feeling. Maxime’s friends had come back and I no longer felt comfortable singing his song to him, so I had packed up my guitar. He had smiled at me for the rest of the hour; and I hadn’t been able to do anything but smile back. He excreted confidence out of every pore in his body, with more charisma then any one man should be allowed. There was something else though, his smile, his eyes, his body (or at least what I could see of it). I felt an extremely strong attraction to him, and he hadn’t come closer than his chair, across the isle.
Oh well… he’s on his way to Miami and I need to get ready for this tour.

It wasn’t hard to get pumped up. We had been waiting for this summer all year long. It was going to be a blast and I could hardly believe how lucky I was to be in this seat, on my way to British Columbia, people would kill for this chance at the big time.
Then why do I wish I was heading to Miami? I let out a deep sigh before pulling my notebook out of my purse; I might never see him again but, I still have his song… I smiled to myself as pen hit paper.